Why Advertising Corrupts [link]

[with Stefan Molyneux]

You get a couple hundred, thousand or a couple million visitors per month, why not put advertising in? The reason for that is that we want to stay focused on you. What is most relevant, most powerful, most useful in your life?

We want to help you live a happier, more powerful, more effective life, and turn the moral entropy of the universe and push back against the Tsunami of nihilism, amorality and negativity of late stage democracy. We want to push back with reason, evidence, commitment, passion and a very visible public moral stand.

If we take on advertisers as the foundation of our profit model, we end up being distracted by the needs of advertisers which may not coincide with the needs of you, with your needs.

This means that the model is donation based.

Society goes into the direction where people put their resources. People put massive amounts of resources into their religions, they put massive amounts of resources into their politics. Religion and politics seems to be the way society is heading. Given the hundreds of billions of dollars flowing into religion and politics, it would be nice to see some small proportion of that heading towards philosophy, as a whole.

The case must be made very strongly, philosophy is what the world needs for a rational, peaceful future. Our publications have huge influence on parents, hundreds of thousands of parents have given up aggressive parenting, they've adopted peaceful parenting - negotiating with children, and not hitting their children, not intimidating, threatening, or yelling at them, and that is a fantastic benefit to the world as a whole.

The more peacefully we raise our children, the smarter they will be. And the smarter we raise children, the less traumatized they will be by reason and evidence, and with that comes greater seeds for a peaceful future that they can sow in the hearts of those around them, and of course, in their own children as well.

The goal of our publications is to fundamentally and tangibly make the world a better place.

With evidence, application and reason, we can make your life a lot better. The world goes in the direction where you put your resources. We are not asking for only money, there are other ways you can contribute simply by sharing this information on as many networks as you can.

If you consume resources, you must find a way to provide for their maintenance.

But what direction do you want the publications to go? What is most meaningful to you?

- Stefan Molyneux, Why Advertising Corrupts

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"Stefan Molyneux, MA, is the host of Freedomain Radio, the largest and most popular philosophy show on the web.

Freedomain Radio was a Top 10 finalist in the 'Education' category in the 2007-2010 Podcast Awards, and has been named one of the 'Top 100 Most Inspiring and Innovative Blogs for Educators.'

In many fairy tales, there lives a terrible beast of stupendous power, a dragon or a basilisk, which tyrannizes the surrounding lands. The local villagers tremble before this monster; they sacrifice their animals, pay money and blood in the hopes of appeasing its murderous impulses. Year after year, decade after decade, wave after wave of hopeful champions try to match their strength, virtue and cunning against this terrible tyrant. Try - and fail. Inevitably, a man steps forward who strikes everyone as utterly incongruous. He is a stable boy, a shoemaker's son, a baker's apprentice - or sometimes, just a vagabond. This book is the story of my personal assault on just such a beast. This "beast" is the belief that it is impossible to define an objective, rational, secular and scientific ethical system. This "beast" is the illusion that morality must forever be lost in the irrational swamps of gods and governments, forever lacking logical justification and clear definition..."