JULY 2013

* vanity and honour


"The triangle has served for ages, and still does today, as a magical or mystical symbol and often arouses an uncomfortable impression, almost fear, even in observers who do not know this tradition. The square has almost none of this quality."
(OW, on last things)

"In the curve there is still something unfinished, something needing, and capable of, improvement; it still anticipates. That is why the ring is always a symbol of something immoral, or anti-moral: the magic circle enchants, it steals freedom; the wedding-ring confines and binds, it takes freedom and solitude from two people and brings instead servitude and union. The ring of the Nibelung is the badge of radical evil, the will to power; and the magician's ring, once twisted around the finger, confers power."
(OW, on last things)

The stars symbolize people who have conquered everything but vanity. The good has no symbol but the beautiful: the whole of nature."
(OW, on last things)



Leaving Unloving Lovers and Unfriendly Friends


"Thirst for glory is connectedness in time and in space."

"Only seekers are vain (and sensitive). For vanity arises from the need to find, and from the feeling that one has not yet found - not yet found oneself."

"The true concept of God is incomprehensible to the sadist; in art he is an over-sensitive person, constantly focussing everything, and unjustly, on a man, on a moment, on a situation. He can tell stories; the masochist never."

"For the sadist, all the world lies in such a name as Napolean."

"The need to be loved grows with the feeling of being pursued, and is proportional to it."

"The criminal (as slave) often seeks a person of great perfection (and here, as a judge of people's imperfection, the criminal is much harsher than a good man), because he so wants to obtain trust from outside (not through an inner change of mind). If he believes he has found such a person, he gives himself up to him in the most complete slavery, and he searches in an importunate manner for people whom he could serve as a slave. He also wants to live as a slave so as never to be alone."

"If a third person then enters the circle, the criminal is perplexed; for notoriously one cannot be a servant to two masters at the same time, but the criminal is a servant to every person (whether free or unfree) with whom he is together."

"The vain man is in equally high measure sensitive. For if he did not want to be watched, then others would also not watch him closely."

"The snake is proud: it lies only outwardly, not inwardly. The snake strikes surely; the strength of knowledge is greatest in it."

"The cat is a flatterer (sly-boots), another form of the slavish, one which the master praises."

"The criminal overcomes fear through hate, not through love. For hate also overcomes fear."


"The masochist can never tell stories (not even jokes), because nothing particular is real enough for him to be able to be lovingly absorbed in it. To the masochist, the name, Napoleon, is a starting point from which he distances himself in order to think, and through thinking to comprehend him."

Whoever surrenders himself to the blaze of the sun is himself the cypress; it is plant-like passivity and "blissfulness as a gift".

"Every victory of the Good in one person helps others of itself."

"The good conquer fear through love rather than hate."

"The owner of a dog is he who has nothing of the dog at all in him. That is why he keeps a dog. He has the dog from outside."

"Not only is the Good one in humanity, but also the evil. Every victory of the Good in one person helps all others - and vice versa."

"Astrology has a future that is founded on incarnation; character can be deduced from the constellation of stars."

"The greater the work of art, the less chance is allowed to be there."

"The saint smiles without knowing why. He smiles unfreely. The saint is the most unhappy person, though he seeks only happiness."

"She was a prostitute so long as he was in the wilderness."

"Innocence is ignorance. To know and remain innocent would be the highest."

"Man realises his own essence through things.

Every realisation is redemption, system and substantiation is atonement.

Every realisation is rebirth."