"Gold is the corpse of value."
[Some V. Person]

hindrancy appears (hylozo)

by Wonder Boy



"The number one thing is time. Anything can be learned or even mastered if you can just put the time in. And I love a world with a legend in it - here is this old legend and now you're reliving it."
(Stephen Orlando)

"There are some game developers who care more about form over function, who would rather have their game look good than be fun to play. These are the people who would remove a compelling game feature because they could not make the art look perfect. That's so opposite to my way of thinking that it took me a long time to even realize there were developers like that."
(Tim Cain)

"We just spend our time doing our own personal projects that no one would honestly care about."
(Chris Stamper)

"From what I've seen from the transcripts from these conferences and stuff, mainstream developers really are trying to do all kinds of interesting things, but their most important thing always has to come back to the money... It's kind of depressing. I'm not going to sit here and toot my horn, but as far as design is concerned, I just think that I've happened to fall into a little sweet spot where I get a lot of freedom, but I guess the cost is my livelihood."
(Tarn Adams)

"Dark Sun: Shattered Lands was a million dollar project. We had never invested that much money into development. And because we didn't have a lot of money behind us, we were really at a cross roads for the company. SSI was a family business, and it was no longer a family industry."
(Joel Billings)

"As the industry matured, it became a bit more "dog eat dog" and all of the companies were under more pressure. Many companies, including 3DO, failed. Countless people have told me over the years that the culture and quality of life at EA declined after my departure. While this is disappointing, culture is defined by everyone's values, beliefs, and behavior, not just any one person's."
(Trip Hawkins)

"Japanese games are just two western games duct-taped together."
(Phil Fish)


"Too much FANTASY loses REALITY, too much HOPE may seem somehow EMPTY."
(Akira Toriyama)

"The Nintendo way of adapting technology is not to look for state of the art but to utilize mature technology that can be mass-produced cheaply. Red uses less battery power. It is easier to recognize red images. That is why red is used for traffic lights."
(Gunpei Yokoi)

"Yokoi's Lateral Thinking of Withered Technology meant that mature and inexpensive technology can be used in a variety of unique and satisfying ways, and that cutting edge technology can get in the way of the development of a product."
(Julio Machuca)

"I have never had 100% knowledge of any gaming technology. My way of making games is to approach those who are most knowledgeable about a given technology and challenge them to push themselves even further by introducing new ideas to them."
(Yoshio Sakamoto)

"Video games are bad for you? That's what they said about rock-n-roll."
(Shigeru Miyamoto)

"I have a habit of thinking what can be done within limitations, so nothing comes to mind if you give me an unlimited budget."
(Daisuke Amaya)

"You're being too nice to Japanese games. You should be harsh when you feel the standards aren't living up to what we had in the past. You should tell the truth about Japanese games not being what they used to be. Unless they get that criticism, Japanese game creators are just sitting on the glories of the past. They won't get the message that the Western audience is turning its back on us.

Japanese people haven't admitted that American games are more fun right now. There was a Canadian guy who appeared in a documentary film and did a Q&A afterwards. And a Japanese person asked what he thought of Japanese games, and he said he thought they sucked. That's what's necessary."
(Keiji Inafune)