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Independent thinkers and artists are an asset to the world and, ideally, the richness of their character would be absorbed by anyone seeking Truth. For many, it is desirable to see more and more people tackle these subjects and continue with the dialect and synthesis of thought that has been going on since distinct cultures started swapping ideas thousands of years ago.

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The Teachings of Diogenes, Compiled by David Quinn


Venom Crystals| by Kevin Solway

Many have trod the Path of the Infinite before now, making it easier for us to follow. It would be foolish for one to beat his own path through the wilderness, thinking himself to be the only one, when there is encouragement and guidance to be had. Individuality and self-reliance cannot be surpassed, but the kind of individuality that shuts itself off from the chance of help is complete and utter foolishness. (Kevin Solway)

Venom Crystals

The Narcissist & Borderline Couple | Haven't We Met Before? | by Shari Schreiber

You've probably heard by now, that these two personality types are drawn to each other, but might have wondered why this is true. I'll try to demystify this mutual attraction, and provide a little insight (as usual) along the way.

Haven't We Met Before?

Angel Ramirez

Terence McKenna | Collections

The Tao follows what is natural, but what is natural is being redefined everyday. McKenna gives a few vague hints of what's to come.

Terence McKenna

fuscion anomally

The Horror of Jesus

Read the passages that both Fundamentalist Christians and Atheists avoid like the plague.

The Horror of Jesus | compliled by David Quinn

Angel Hall Spiritual Centre

Intro to David Bohm

David Bohm was a physicist, later turned philosopher, mystic and collaborator in neurology and linguistics.

Intro to David Bohm

Tao Te Cing

The Little Philosopher

An intro to Islamic Mysticism & Wisdom


The Glands Regulating Personality | Louis Berman, MD

A study of internal secretion and it's relation to human nature. Louis Berman's work, offering an endocrinological analysis of personalities
with profound eccentricities, including Oscar Wilde, Friedrich Nietzsche and Napoleon Bonaparte.

Louis Berman | GRP

Friend of Wounds

Science & UG Krishnmaurti | Dr. O. S. Reddy

UG Krishnamurti was one of a few people chosen (while still a child) by the Theosophical society to be a world teacher. Like most of the children who were hand-picked, he did not follow along with the agenda and struck out on his own path. Like his counterpart J. Krishnamurti, UG claims to have undergone a subtle biological mutation that had transformed his psychology. Unlike Jiddu Krishnamurti, UG worked with an endocrinologist to document
what he witnessed.

Friend of Wounds