August 2013

* daggers and mantras

"Evil report carries further than any applause."
(Baltasar Gracian)

"The character-armored mechanistically rigid person thinks mechanistically, produces mechanistic tools, and forms a mechanistic conception of nature.

The armored person who feels his orgonotic body excitations in spite of his biological rigidity (but does not understand them) is mystic man. He is interested not in "material" but in "spiritual" things. He forms a mystical, supernatural idea about nature.

Both the mechanist and the mystic stand inside the limits and conceptual laws of a civilization which is ruled by a contradictory and murderous mixture of machines and gods. This civilization forms the mechanistic-mystical structures of men, and the mechanistic-mystical character structures keep reproducing the mechanistic-mystical civilization. Both mechanists and mystics find themselves inside the framework of human structure in a civilization conditioned by mechanistics and mysticism. They cannot grasp the basic problems of this civilization because their thinking and philosophy correspond exactly to the condition they project and continue to reproduce. In order to realize the power of mysticism, one has only to think of the murderous conflict between Hindus and Muslims at the time India was divided. To comprehend what mechanistic civilization means, think of the "age of the atom bomb."
(Wilhelm Reich, Ether, God and Devil/Cosmic Superimposition)

John Frusciante | Going Inside

"Princes and republics should content themselves with victory, for when they aim at more, they generally lose. The use of insulting language toward an enemy arises from the insolence of victory, or form the false hope of victory, which latter misleads men as often in their actions as in their words; for when this false hope takes possession of the mind, it makes men go beyond the mark, and causes them to sacrifice a certain good for an uncertain better."

Patrick Watts | Grey Matter



"Beware of stepping into a great man's shoes - you will have to accomplish twice as much to surpass him. Those who follow are taken for imitators. No matter how much they sweat, they will never shed that burden. It is an uncommon skill to find a new path for excellence, a modern route to celebrity. There are many roads to singularity, not all of them well traveled. The newest ones can be arduous, but they are often shortcuts to greatness."
(Baltasar Gracian)

"He that has good legs, has often bad boots."

"A lie travels round the world while truth is putting her boots on."

"There's man all over for you, blaming on his boots the fault of his feet."

"The man with the boots does not mind where he places his foot."

"Grease a churl's boots and he'll say you are burning them."

"Die with your boots on."



"A bad person feels bad. A good person feels good. That is a fact, however, we have to look below the surface of it and explore what is meant by those two opening statements.

In your present condition, you don't know truly what it means to feel good, but you do know what it means to feel bad because that's your whole condition, that's your whole life.

Your idea now, your idea of feeling good is to win the argument or get the applause, win the girl, secure the husband, or have a nice dinner to look forward to. That's your idea of feeling good, which makes you feel bad because it is not true goodness.

To feel good, which by the way involves all of your parts, mind and body, feelings, to feel good you have to have something to feel good about. To really feel good, which you can't define of yourself, you have to have some solid reason for it and you don't have it, you just feel from yourself, you feel from your level, you feel from your desires, you feel from your anxieties, therefore this is the only kind of feeling that you can experience, which in summary means that you feel bad and feel bad all the time.

You will feel good, when you have nothing bad to feel bad about, when you in your present nature have disappeared then the bad feeling goes with it. And the absence of that bad feeling is what good feeling is."

(Vernon Howard)

"Suffering is a gift.
In it is hidden mercy."