"The effect of Cannabis, which I think is a negative effect, which is part of the reason why governments and industrial civilizations try to suppress it, is that it produces a kind of physical relaxation, which allows the mind to expand and journey, and allows the psyche to connect. There's a kind of toning down and tuning down of the bodies springs of action. So one is perfectly content to just sit around. A cannabis high does not produce a tremendous urge to go into the dusting or do chores around the house. This kind of activity is easily identified by external observers as physical laziness - which is the reason for the bad reputation of Cannabis in countries where it's habitually used. In Kashmir for example, I was staying with a friend. He said, have you ever been to one of these Sufi shrines where cannabis smoking is tolerated? It was not a respected part of india and the middle class of india associated these shrines with winos. It's the same in middle class Egypt. We went to the shrine, which was the shrine of a Sufi saint. Attached to it was a smoking room, so we sat down and had a puff. It was a dreadful revelation to me when I witnessed the man sitting next to me. He had bleary eyes, and several days stubble, and he was in ragged smelly clothes. He pulled out a picture of himself, a kind of identity card, and he was looking smart in a uniform. He said, "I used to be a bus driver until I started smoking, now look at me. That's what it has done to me", as he took another puff. "I've lost my family, I've lost everything."

So there was a kind of negative, a shadow side of Cannabis use, which I saw there more clearly than ever before. And this certain fit with what prim, middle class people in Indian, Malaire, and other oriential countries have told me about it. Which made it clear how Cannabis could cause alarm in people who don't want it to spread in a modern and efficient industrial society.

My own experience is that the mental expansion is bought at the cost of a certain physical lethargy.

(Rupert Sheldrake, on Cannabis)

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"It is a great error to be superior to others...It is such pride as this that makes a man appear a fool, makes him abused by others, and invites disaster. A man who is truly versed in any art will of his own accord be clearly aware of his own deficiency; and therefore, his ambition being never satisfied, he ends by never being proud."
(Yoshida Kenko)

"The intelligent want self-control; children want candy." (Rumi)

"A sin committed does not harm an individual so much as looking down upon one's own fellow human beings."

"Deep in the sea there are riches beyond your imagination. But if you seek safety, that is at the shore."
(Saadi of Shiraz)

"I haven't met too many people who say that they regret not taking a drug. But I've met many people who have said that they regret taking drugs."
(Stephen Harper)