New Values

I was watching Murphy Brown when I was younger. And two guys were engaged in a sort of one-upmanship conversation. And Murphy Brown said to them, ok, just whip out your dicks, let's measure them and get this over with. She openly mocked the men's one upmanship kind of thing. So, ok, it's instinct, I understand that. But the question is, why is it not an instinct that society is skeptical of? Men have their instincts. Men are mocked, and sometimes in a positive and in a gentle way, you can bring men back to earth from the biological vanity of the species. However, that doesn't seem to be quite as common when it comes to addressing women's consumerism, their acquisitiveness, their absurdity, their competition, and the female vanity that is driving a pretty economically unsustainable paradigm.

Having your feelings hurt is part of overcoming the silly things that you are doing. Having your vanity pricked hurts. Remember, though, we don't care about hurting men's feelings. There is no taboo against hurting men. But there is a serious taboo against hurting women. The idea that we should dig a moat around women and protect them from criticism, it seems to be medieval.
(Stefan Molyneaux)

"I think women rule the world and that no man has ever done anything that a woman either hasn't allowed him to do or encouraged him to do." (Bob Dylan)

"In order to demonstrate an important truth, you need to exaggerate" (Patrick Watts)


I wondered what this harlot might have looked like that lured this famous preacher into rolling in the muck.

Conceit is not necessarily a disease. It's more of a weakness. A conceited person could be set up easily and brought down accordingly. Let's face it, a conceited person has a fake sense of self-worth, an inflated opinion of himself. A person like this can be controlled and manipulated completely if you know what buttons to push.

"I'll hump ya, and I'll dump ya, and I'll blow your house down. I'll slice into your cake before I leave town. Pick a number, take a seat, with the disease of conceit."

The song "What was it you Wanted?" was also a quickly written one. If you've ever been the object of curiosity, you know what this song is about. It doesn't need much explanation. Folks who are soft and helpless sometimes make the most noise. They can obstruct you in a lot of ways. It's pointless trying to resist them or deal with them by force. Sometimes you just have to bite your upper lip.

My father had his own way of looking at things. He'd come from a generation of different values, heroes and music, and wasn't so sure that the truth would set anybody free. He was pragmatic and always had a word of cryptic advice.

"Remember, Robert, in life anything can happen. Even if you don't have all the things you want, be grateful for the things you don't have that you don't want."

(Bob Dylan, Chronicles)