Protects from Fear (II)

The records of Bruno's imprisonment by the Venetian inquisition in May 1592 describe him as a man "of average height, with a hazel-coloured beard and the appearance of being about forty years of age". Alternately, a passage in a work by George Abbot indicates that Bruno was of diminutive stature: "with a name longer than his body...".[39] The word "didapper" used by Abbot is the derisive term which at the time meant "a small diving waterfowl".[40] Giordano Bruno: Return to Italy, F. A. Yates, pg. 356

Protects from Fear (I)

Neptune was the name that ancient Romans gave to the Greek god of the sea and earthquakes, Poseidon. Neptune had the reputation for having a violent temper. Tempests and earthquakes were a reflection of his furious rage. He was depicted as a bearded men holding a trident and seated in a seashell drawn by sea-horses. (windows2universe)


come pan with us (4:18)
I want to be alone (3:02)
what was going through my head (2:13)
insect patterns (whose noise) (3:23)


"When you see your own likeness, you rejoice. But when you see your images which came into being before you, & which neither die or become manifest, how much will you have to bear!" (Thomas: 84)