August 2013

* supper

"I've had so many hot, cheesy, corny loves of music in my life. I had a very intense Billy Joel period. So once you've really Joeled it up - there's some good periods of Joel; it's not all hot cheese. But I can't judge anyone else for their cheese. I've deep-sea dived in the Gouda."
(Jack Black)

The endotonics love to socialize their eating, and the sharing of meals becomes an event of the highest importance. They treat guests well. They love company and feel more complete with other people around. They like people simply because they are people. They have a strong desire to be liked and approved of, and this often leads them to be very conventional in their choices in order not to run the risk of social disapproval. The endotonics are open and even with their emotions which seem to flow out of them without any inhibitions. Whether they are happy or sad, they want the people around them to know about it, and if others express emotion they react directly and convincingly in sympathy. When an endotonic has been drinking he becomes even more jovial and radiates an expansive love of people. Endotonics are family-oriented and love babies and young children and have highly developed maternal instincts.

In summary, they love assimilation both on the physical and social level. They love to eat and digest, to be part of their family and community, to like and be liked and to rest and relax. They crave food and affection and abhor isolation and disapproval. They express affection and approval readily and need both back in kind.


Low Hanging Fruit


the Man's too Strong

Outside Space



"What frustrates me is that Gene could make life so much easier for himself and save himself so much trouble if he would get himself a Macintosh computer. But he doesn't want to make the effort to save himself the effort.

I think there's a streak of masochism in it. If you look at Gene real carefully, you'll find that he almost always finds a way to make things harder for himself while saying that it makes it easier. The story of Gene's life is just a constant trail of computers that lost his file, malfunctioning machines, malfunctioning alarm clocks, late flights, delays, misunderstandings, bad communication.

People ask which one is the intellectual and which one is the populist. My answer is, I've got him surrounded. I am both more intellectual and more populist than he is. He is Mr. Middle of the Road."
(Roger Ebert)

"People hurt others as a result of their own inner strife and pain. Avoid the reactive response of believeing they are bad; they already think so, and are acting that way. They aren't bad; they are damaged and they deserve compassion. Note that compassion is an internal process, an understanding of the painful and troubled road trod by another. It is not trying to change or fix that person."
(Will Bowen)

the Selfish Gene


"For some reason, Roger has a need to prove to himself, and maybe to the rest of the world, that he is better than me in every single facet of his life, not only as a film critic but as a human being. He's like a dog with a bone, and I'm the bone. The person he just described sounds like a totally incompetent boob who would be lucky to be employed by anyone. The contrary facts are that I've been employed by the Chicago Tribune for twenty-one years, by WBBM-TV, which he refers to as Channel Two, for sixteen years and I have just been hired for a job with CBS This Morning. I've received offers from other people of significant stature recently. And I've done the show with Roger for fifteen years. I'm sure everybody has his method, but I think I'm a pretty good worker.

Roger's a furious worker. He's an elegant worker. But compulsive. I do not view myself as a workaholic but as basically lazy. I don't have the greatest work habits. I'm not a natural, like him; I'm more of a plugger."
(Gene Siskel)

"Let us try to teach generosity and altruism, because we are born selfish. Let us understand what our own selfish Gene is up to, because we may then at least have the chance to upset his designs, something that no other species has ever aspired to do."
(Richard Dawkins)