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"Most of us are heavily conditioned, most of us follow the easy path of tradition without much thought, the repetitive beliefs, the repetitive conclusions and what the ancient people have said and so on. We are bound a great deal to tradition. And we think that along the traditional way there is some kind of future, hope for man. Tradition implies, doesn't it, the very meaning of that word, to hand down, to pass on, to give from generation to generation a certain set of ideas, systems, beliefs and worship. And also that word has a very definite meaning, which is betrayal; to betray; to betray the present. And, for most of us it is very difficult to break down the walls that generations of the past have built around each human being. Unless we do break down all our beliefs, all our ideas and conclusions, we cannot possibly start with a clean slate, and one must start with a clean slate to find out for oneself what is truth. And, the entity that breaks down tradition is part of the tradition, is not separate from the tradition." (J. Krishnamurti, Betrayal, Tradition & No Motive)

"She was a tattoo-covered princess buried with six horses and a satchel of marijuana, and she may have been a shaman. Locals warned that moving her body was bad luck, but scientists loaded her onto a helicopter anyway. The helicopter crashed." - Weird History, Wikimedia commons

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keyboardist for The Doors

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the decline and fall of the music business, older generation was better for pushing new wave music that they didn't understand than the supposedly younger/hipper music executives.

Everlasting Joy

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Haughty Madan's Pride (Glory to Radha)

Unswervingly Just


"Every time a man gives way to vanity, every time he thinks and lives in order to show off, this is a betrayal. We do not need to reveal ourselves to others, but only to those we love. For then we are no longer revealing ourselves in order to seem but in order to give." - Albert Camus