Aspiration's a frightened state
a mistake is to make it your friend
you strive from envy, you try to escape
from death of every centre pretends

Self is steam, it's virtue's a myth
you're low cause you compare to get high
a moth, your knot, stay in the dock
this image that I'm good is a lie
parastic thoughts are scared of
who yearns for the
source of all things
cleans your vision
face your contradictions
end the known

The greater the vanity builds our life
the greater evil's pressence excites
I am one who has the disease
Almost every thought it's lingering

We're gazing at power
Aggrandizing ourselves
Opinions only humiliate
Awareness unfolds unto
your brain
is dulled by vain you accumulate
to try to become
just amplifies our troubles stop
when we die
we start
when we die


Envy & Psychological Freedom

"The larger the crowd the more negligible the individual." - Jung

"Democracy, not monarchy, is the most tyrannical form of government, and that of all forms of government, the government by a single individual is best. Is it tyranny when one person wants to rule leaving the rest of us others out? No, but it is tyranny when all want to rule. A people’s government is the true image of Hell" - Kierkegaard

"In the view of Bertrand Russel, envy is one of the most potent causes of unhappiness. Not only is the envious person rendered unhappy by his envy, but they also wish to inflict misfortune on others. Although Russel sees envy as generally negative, envy appears to be a driving force behind the movement towards democracy and must be endured to achieve a more just social system."

Aristotle defined envy "as the pain caused by the good fortune of others", while Kant defined it as "a reluctance to see our own well-being overshadowed by another's because the standard we use to see how well off we are is not the intrinsic worth of our own well-being but how it compares with that of others" (in Metaphysics of Morals).

In the Book of Genesis envy is said to be the motivation behind Cain murdering his brother, Abel, as Cain envied Abel because God favored Abel's sacrifice over Cain's.

"For what is offense? Offense is unhappy admiration. It is therefore akin to envy, but it is an envy which is turned against oneself, or, more exactly, envy which is worst of all against oneself. The narrowmindedness of the natural man cannot welcome for itself the extraordinary which God has intended for him; so he is offended." - Kierkegaard (Sickness unto Death)

"The Kingdom of God is only for those who are thoroughly dead while still alive in this world." -Meister Eckhart