time to let go
of the rungs that possessed me
there were certainly many
eating away at your triads
living in your branches
clipping your dreams off

the nerve I had
asking you why you would not be
what nature can't let you
it was life that's ruled not me

time to let go
of the rungs that possessed you
insisting that I couldn't be
what this one nature has let me

over the years
we're surprised by the swings in the change
the shifts in our pride

raising so many questions
the business man with chalk
lowly ass
[ominous gurgle]

outro x 2

what did you expect from
someone who spends
that many years pretending


"Moment after moment, day after day, do everything you can to be aware of your formless nature. No matter what the situation is, or what you are doing, or how you are feeling, or who you are talking to, make it your highest priority to constantly think of the Infinite. Try to avoid the habit of confining such a meditation to your spare time. It is relatively easy to think of the Infinite when you are alone and not doing anything else, but the real test comes when you are in the midst of the world and its distracting situations. That is when you should redouble your efforts and really apply yourself. The more you can think about God in those situations the more powerful your overall practice will be, and even your quieter times will become more fruitful. It is all about building up a head of steam and maintaining the momentum, and this requires the discipline of single-mindedness. It is like using a magnifying glass to focus the sunís rays in order to set fire to a piece of paper. If you are constantly stopping and starting, or waving the magnifying glass about, you will never succeed. The definitive sign that one is enlightened is when one is able to see into the nature of reality with an instantaneous application of will, without any need to engage in laborious mental processes or having to solve philosophic problems. And this can only be achieved when you become intimately familiar with the ins and outs of nirvana, when you know it like the back of your hand. This is the great prize of spiritual expertise. It is only at this point that the real benefits of truthful living start to emerge in terms of perfect freedom, utter certainty, pure spontaneity, fearlessness, immeasurable peace, and so on."

- David Quinn, Crossing the Road


Seven Irish Proverbs

Pride comes before a fall

Pride feels no pain.

Be kind to those that meet you as you rise,
you may pass them again as you fall

Do it as if there was fire in your skin

Never wrestle with pigs. You both get dirty and the pig likes it.

It destroys the craft not to learn it

Wisdom is what makes a poor man a king, a weak person powerful, a good generation of a bad one, a foolish man reasonable.