Rising up above those sins
I no longer stoop to that
I lowered down to them
and they attacked
He follows sound of my shoes
a chance to pull my lace
The forms I made as food
they fear to face

Sub Chorus

The reason I have to confess my mess
the supposed to be's
The reason you harmed your mind son
the supposed to be


I knew that if I took her in
She would likely lose her mind
I planned it wouldnít be severe
That she would heal

I hoped that after our love
I could be an angel over her
visit every now and then
and help her out

Sub Chorus

The reason it got so strange
The supposed to be's
The reason we cried those tears
the supposed to be's


The time you make creates an end
Then itís time for looking back
every day you will decide - how bad I am

Whenever I see my sins
I allow my heart to bleed
As I feel the pain
I try to learn

Main Chorus

Thinking back to when this man was a kid
Looking for all of the crimes
and the reasons why
Seeing the joy I had before all their plans
Seeing how we could be free without the supposed to be's


"Men look for a woman of deep and strong character, women for a being of intelligence, brilliance, and presence of mind. It is plain, that men seek the ideal man, and women for the ideal woman - consequently not for the complement but for the completion of their own excellence." - FN

"Girls we love for what they are: Young men for what they promise to be."

"The sexes deceive themselves about one another: the reason being that fundamentally they love and honour only themselves (or their own ideal, to express it more pleasantly). Thus man wants woman to be peaceful - but woman is essentially unpeaceful, like a cat, however well she may have trained herself to present an appearance of peace." - Poison for the Heart, Kevin Solway

"The main difference between young men and young women is that the former are lunatics and the later are idiots."

"There are only two kinds of men - the dead and the deadly."

"The spirit lives by forgetting - the material live on memories."

"A beautiful woman will not likely meet with rational truths, for what man in his right mind would dare argue with her? Thus she remains sheltered, and her self confidence and strength correspondingly hollow."

"Without knowing it, women act as if they were taking away the stones from the path of the wandering mineralogist in order that he might not strike his foot against them - when he has gone out for the very purpose of striking against them." - FN

"Weakness for this life is part of being strong for eternity. A man without a woman is weak for this life." - SK

"Creatures who know little else other than their beauty will have no choice to find their culmination point in another. Spirit is the true independent, and those who have not meditated on profound truths will have to find their culmination point in those who have."