foreword ~ by Cory Duchesne

Hello, welcome to Hans Fryluck's compilation of writings. Hans is new to Halifax, Nova Scotia. He's also unfamiliar with the internet. As some of you might know from an interest with Core Webworks, we help struggling creative types find a place to lay their roots and grow.

Hans Fryluck was the perfect candidate, as no artist I know struggles in quite his manner.

In this case, his key difficulty is with social boundaries and public conduct.

I first discovered Hans in the Halifax Commons, and what better place in Halifax could their be to indulge in strange, uncommon behavior?

I'm not sure if any of you have walked through there over the summer, but not a single walk I took through that park didn't introduce me to some unexpected deviation in common human behavior.

Now, don't get me wrong, I celebrate strange behavior. However, every once in a while, along comes an individual whose willful violation of social norms goes too far beyond what public facilities can accomadate for. And it was on this beautiful July evening that I found none other than Hans Fryluck having a camp fire on a north eastern patch of ground within our very own Halifax commons. He was writing in a notepad, clearly immersed in his own dreamworld, of which I immediately knew I had to become a part of.

Hans at the Park

I knelt down next to the bearded man and asked him how long he thought it would be before he was being questioned by the police.

It was by listening to his innocent reply that I realized that despite the overabundance of facial hair, the large vocabulary, and dead-pan demeanor, who I was dealing with was not only a child in the body of a grown man, but also a free spirit in tune with very specific subjects close to my own heart.

And like a lot of good friendships, this website began with one man saving another from a hefty fine and scrutiny from the psychiatric community.

The writings that lie ahead are not of an insane man, nor of an entirely foolish one. Some of what he focuses on is clearly for his own amusement, as he does have a healthy insight into the absurd. That's what I like about him. But you'd be surprised to hear what Hans thinks he's entitled to.

For instance, having the freedom to walk into another man's apartment and make himself at home (rummaging through the fridge, medicine cabinet, using the hosts tooth brush, looking through personal journals, reading the personal entries aloud and laughing at what was not meant to be taken as funny or scorning things that were written sincerely) is not something he would judge as a violation of appropriate boundaires. In fact, what I've just described is something he has actually done before (in this case to me) and will likely do again.

After getting to know him, my theory is that the part of the brain where you feel frightened and ashamed for the anger you cause in others doesn't seem to be active in Hans.

Therefore, all of the hostility he has received throughout his life (which I have reason to believe has been of large volume) doesn't seem to elicit a learning response. He hasn't picked up on the concept of offense and boundaries.

Repeated beatings (verbal or otherwise) I am convinced would do nothing to help him. In fact, more than once he tried to get me to listen to a song by one of his idols, John Fruciante - I Will Always Be Beat Down. He says to me, thinking he's clever, "how can you hurt me Cory when I'm already beat down and always will be?".

This may elicit sympathy for Hans in some readers, but Hans is far from low in spirit. In fact, he is (as he often frames it) "loving life".

This is why he can be so irritating.

However, oddly, within Hans there is a very prominent "competitive" instinct, and much of his writing seems to be focused on his secret grudges toward others in his past, yet nowhere do I see in his thinking or conduct the impulse toward responsibility (the will to turn a fault upon himself).

Some of you might find it strange that I would psychoanalyze this man in public, on his own website which he will surely read, especially when other clients might want to do business with the prestigious Core Webworks.

I can assure you, I have shown Hans what you are reading now. I have asked him how he feels about it being published as the foreword to his writings. Hans laughed quite hysterically, and gave me nothing but what I felt was a very condescending pat-on-the-back.

What you people have to understand is that Hans, quite simply, feels utterly above all human judgement. You might feel sorry for him, to see him scrutinized in such cold detail, but I assure you, the man's sense of being above others is unlike anything this Doctor has ever seen.

Hans, through repeated self-conditioning, is convinced that the ordinary rules of human conduct simply do not apply to him and from that self centered disregard for others sensitivities, the man somersaults from one creative-catastrophe to another.

Does this make him a dangerous man? At Core Webworks, our job is to make the soul transparent so you can judge for yourself.

You'll have to read his writings and make the call.

- Dr. Cory Duchesne

Meet Hans Fryluck