~ A Wise Parable for the year 2012 ~

1. The Emerging Son

A son once said to his wise father:

"Father, you explained what men and women do to have babies, and you said that the orgasm is what makes sex worthwhile for the male"

"Yes, that's correct my Son!"

"I want to know what an orgasm feels like for myself."

"Well, you will have to wait, you are only 7 years old"

"No, I want to know what it feels like right now!"

The father replied calmly:

"Then drink 10 glasses of water right now. "

The son was puzzled....."why father?"

The father then snapped sternly:

"You want to know how it feels, then drink 10 glasses right now!"

The son immediately drank down 10 glasses of water.

"I don't feel anything, father"

The father simply smiled blankly.

The boy shrugged his shoulders and then went to play with his toy soldiers, soon forgetting all about sex and orgasm.

About a half hour later, the son had to go for a big piss, but when he tried to open the bathroom door, it was locked. The boy turned to his father, who was grinning while dangling a blue key from his hand.

"father, I need to go in."

"You will wait." Replied the father grinning. "And while you're waiting, take this screwdriver and take apart this clock, clean the inside" The father pointed to a clock and screw driver on the counter.

Another 20 minutes later, the boy was squirming. "Father, if you don't let me in the bathroom, I will go outdoors."

The boy marched to the one door that lead out of the house, but it was locked too.

The boy looked back at his father, who was dangling a red key from his hand, flashing a grin.

"Father! I am going to explode!"

"You will wait 5 more minutes" said the father. "And while you're waiting, take the screw driver, and put the clock back together."

5 minutes passed, the Father opened the door to the bathroom, and his son quickly rushed in.

"Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!" exclaimed the boy as he began to urinate.

When he was all done, and came out of the bathroom, the Father was looking at the boy expectantly with a smile.

"what?" said the boy.

"Now you know what the orgasm is all about" said the father with a smile.

"Well, I'll admit.... that felt pretty damn good!" said the boy with a laugh.

The father beamed at his son proudly, "Now you know what sex is about."

"It's just a really good piss"

The son paused in pensive thought, then his eyes lit up with a question:

"Yeah, but minus all the frustration, control tactics and menial labour that lead up to it, right Father?"

The father laughed a big belly laugh, and patted the boy on the head.

"Right father?"

The father walked away laughing.