You Guys Deserve 3 Poems for the year 2012

1. Lonely Feeling

Me and this girl were on a date,
I took her out on my row boat,
It was a beautiful sunny day
we paddled through a small shallow pond,
I was trying to express my feelings
To this girl, who clearly just wasn't as sensitive as me

I said to her with a serene smile:

"Have you ever been in a boat, In the ocean, on a super calm day with the water placid?

Did you ever look down into the water with dusty sunrays shooting down into what seemed like an abyss?

And when you did this
did you ever take a second
to see how lonely it felt?

All that empty space.

Down, down, down. So lonely.

It makes my heart ache."

She replied:

"Yeah. There's also a lot of loneliness when I look up in space at the stars.

space is millions of times more vast than the ocean"

My feeling of calm and confidence quickly disappeared, I replied:

"Yeah, but those stars look so close together.

It's hardly looking lonely up there.
And our earth feels so close to the sun and moon

Like, first of all, there are some good rock lyrics in what I just said there...

our earth feels so close to the sun and moon * Em to D, power chords

But secondly, I mean, just look at how big the sun is right now,
It's bigger than my thumb nail

It's obviously not that far away

It's hardly lonely

I don't see any loneliness up there"

I added one last solid point to make her understand:

"I'm a few years older than you, remember..."

I felt an inferno of passion inside, I was courageously passing through it...

Then I told her with a sneer I tried to disguise:

"you know, you really don't know what you're talking about."

She replied

"Hans, the distance between the surface of the ocean
and the bottom of the ocean is only an infinitesimally small fraction
of the distance between two stars, or even between the sun and earth"

To calm my passions, I looked over at a tree, then at a bird, then the grassy bank.

I then paddled to the dock, and exited the boat.

Looking back on that time, I suppose I was trying to block out the fact
that she was still in the boat

And I gently pushed her back out to the middle of the pond, without a paddle

And I laid down in the grass
put a piece of wheat in my mouth
with my legs crossed. Just trying to be relaxed like I deserved to be.

I looked deep into the clouds...

Whoa, what's that up there?!

Ah, animals in the clouds. So we meet again.

In the corner of my eye,
I was waiting for her to come out of the water
thinking she might attack me in some way

But then I seen something cool in the clouds,
looked kind of like a lion, with an elephant trunk,

And it had wings.

But my mind kept being pulled into a debate with myself

Being nice or being right? Which one is better?

And more importantly, have I ever managed to be either?

I'll admit, those were confusing times in my life

But I was free.

2. What color are your eyes

Billy says his eyes are blue

Sally has a green so true

Brenda has a brown

her eyes look pretty even when she's down

A hipster who calls herself storm

has rainbow color contacts

she praises the imagination

paying little regard to facts

I want contacts that change color depending on my mood,

plus they should give me an internet browser powered by voice commands

all the information, just behind my eye lids

Plus a little x-ray vision would be cool, but in some cases rude

Maybe even lasers. It would be cool driving down the highway in your car

with your head out the window, big smile on your face

your hair blowing in the wind,

shooting lasers out of your eyes

Scorn me all you want Mr. Practical

but one day my ideas will change the world,
then who's scorning who?

I forgot to mention that these lasers should
be different colors depending my mood,

like if I'm slightly anxious but a little excited,

I want a color laser fired out of my eyes that reflects that unique individual feeling

If I'm feeling particularly romantic toward nature,

I want the lasers to have some gentle earth tone pastels,

and maybe whatever I shoot might sprout flowers....or even wine or beer.

Like, if I shot some lasers into a cup, there would be beer,
and then maybe I would get drunk.

That's my point.

3. A pool filled with anything

If you had a pool filled with anything, what would it be?
Jimmy says money, it would make him feel so damn free
Suzy says chocolate, because she's still just a child
And Randy says women, because his hormones make him wild

But if you're talking to me, and you want to really know
The pool would have to be the size of a stadium, because I want to put on a show

I want stands filled with thousands of people chanting my name Hans

as I wrestle and defeat a Minotaur in just my underPants.

I would be awarded a trophy,

and then my parents would tell me

that my birth was planned afterall,

and that they take back what they said

they are now proud to have me as a son.

Because I beat that minotaur.

Part 2:

But if I was allowed to have another pool,

I want a huge pool filled with a variety of cool spaceships,
and at the very center of the pool there would be this drain that opens into a worm-hole (like in star trek)
and I could ride a space ship through this worm-hole
and I would reappear on a new planet that was a lot like earth, populated by humans - -

the only difference is that, if I were to have sex with a female,

I wouldn't ejaculate pre-maturely like I do on this planet.